Freitag, 7. Oktober 2016

LYRICS (Engl & Ger): The inside is sleeping .. for prepared piano, voice and other instruments

The inside is sleeping 
.. for prepared piano, voice and other instruments

The alliance is broken
Sister Sinister is pregnant
And we have left the circus

These stars are liars
Vivid is the anchor
Holy mirror, broken time
The enemy is living and silence is a crime

No way back
The inside is sleeping
No way back
The universe is weeping
A subjunctive lives in-between )

The drink is poisoned
We are pioneers
The shadow might catch you
But we will always be enlightened

Where sleeps the alliance
This country smells like death
And I feel no pain
With the exception of my own

No way back
The inside is sleeping
No way back
The universe is weeping
(A subjunctive lives in-between )

There you are
I venture the descent
Fire in my chest

The time has come
Victorious acting
We buried the puzzle
With our bliss

The inside is sleeping
The admission of failure awakes
The universe dried
The tears of unreason

Das Innere schläft
..für präpariertes Klavier, Stimme und andere Instrumente

Die Allianz ist gebrochen
Schwester Unheilvoll ist schwanger
Und wir haben den Zirkus verlassen

Diese Sterne sind Lügner
Lebendig ist der Anker
Heiliger Spiegel, Gebrochene Zeit
Der Feind lebt und die Stille ist ein Verbrechen

Kein Weg zurück
Das Innere schläft
Kein Weg zurück
Das Universum weint
(Ein Konjunktiv lebt dazwischen)

Das Getränk ist vergiftet
Wir sind Pioniere
Der Schatten könnte euch einholen
Aber wir werden immer erleuchtet sein

Wo schläft der Allianz?
Dieses Land riecht nach Tod
Ich fühle keinen Schmerz
Mit Ausnahme meines eigenen

Kein Weg zurück
Das Innere schläft
Kein Weg zurück
Das Universum weint
(Ein Konjunktiv lebt dazwischen)

Da bist Du ja
Ich erlaube mir die Talfahrt
Feuer in meiner Brust

Die Zeit ist gekommen
Siegreiches Handeln
Wir begruben das Rätsel
Mit unserer Glückseligkeit

Das Innere schläft
Der Offenbahrungseid erwacht
Das Universum trocknet
Die Tränen der Unvernunft

Donnerstag, 6. Oktober 2016

NEWS (2 new solo albums and work with/for others)

Currently working on a new solo album
 (partly feat. Meike Degand on Theremin and additional sounds)This album should come out Winter 2017 on CD/Download worldwide

Also working on a free "Piano" album, which obviously features Piano pieces (mostly contemporary influenced). A few, but not many, pieces will also fet. other instruments and voices here and there.
This album will be for free and it will be available as a download on bandcamp.
Bandcamp offers FLac as  an option and piano music should be heard in best audio quality.

That's it so far

Ah, and of course I am also producing the albums for "Ralli Rock and the Moan of the Sky" where I am also a part of the band, but this is regular, classic rock music.

AS you know: I am not bound to just one genre.Life's too short for limitations, even if I may live forever.


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Finally it's out. The debut album by German Deutsch Rock Band "Null Komma Null".
It comes in stunning deluxe version or standard version. All artwork by me (pics partly by Mrs. Iri Li)
Production etc also by me.

CD or download.



Infinitus Ensemble - Scherbenschlaf (Sleep of Shards)
my experimental band with Mrs. Iri Li.

Finally this little jewell is available again.
ContraMusikProduktion has put out a final re-release, after the first edition has been sold out
(Originally released on Frequency Records in 2009)
The New and Last edition comes in real Wallpaper cover plus brand new prof. printed 8 pages booklet with lyrics and a nice print on CD itself.
VERY fairly priced here:

Some songs streamable at:

I have recorded new material for a debut album with "Null Komma Null".
This is some really nice Underground Punky "Deutsch" Rock music with a big dirty Stoner Blues fist showing right into the face of reality.
The CD is coming in late December 2015 and Mr. Rock is playing some nice licks, too, I have heard.

I have also been working with the two other boys from "Black Hole Raven"
(Dirty Heavy BLues Rock with both feet on the UnderGround with English lyrics) on the debut album.
Actually the songs have been recorded & mastered back in 2013/2014.
Unfortunately these guys are lame old suckers, so it still takes a while to get the Baby out.
In the meantime the band has written a lot of new songs who COULD make it on album nr. 2 or 3. 
Live shows were small but the applause was loud and somehow tasting of whisky.

Beside that I have recorded a couple of new tracks for my solo projects, again more Rock stuff.
YOu should also give Mr. Ralli Rock and the Moan of the Sky a chance, if you are into classic non mainstream rock music
I keep you informed about it.

I have also been mastering a couple of new releases for "The Inifinite Three", 
a UK band you should REALLY check out, if you are into  Post Punk/Rock and Post Industrial and a nice touch of Experimental Rock music


Brand new EP "Among Black Hearts" is out now. Extremely limited edition CD on special canvas papaer (8 pages digisleeve!!!)
Also availabel as a download on ALL platforms

CD here:
CMP-Webstore  |  Against it Records  |  Global Hideout

Digital version here:

and many more. search for it in your favourite digital online store or streaming service

Mr. Ralli Rock and the Moan of the Sky
War is EVIL!
Donation song (with video) for ALL victims of the Gaza-war.
1/2 of ALL income will be forwarded to a helping organisation.

Download, listen and donate (no must, but very welcome!!!)


Culture is not your friend has reviewd "Ralf Rabendorn - Exile"
Read it here:

"It’s only once in a long while that you come across an album that turns you upside down. 
I think that ‘Exile’, coming from the deep, dark and sincere place, allowing its creator, Ralf Rabendorn, to attempt and draw the listener into the desert of the real. Is it really real? I don’t know, but what I do know is that Ralf’s voice, together with the shattered, painful music, brings out menacing, even if majestic voices of reason that wear the unsettling sounds like a crown of thorns and horns.

Cinematic and nostalgic, ‘Exile’ gathers twisted, orchestrated music that paints a gloomy, apocalyptic world around Rabendorn’s voice, who sounds like an all knowing narrator who tells you the inevitable tale you need to hear just before the last curtain is being pulled down on this world.

Not to take anything from the rest of the album, I think that ‘Decoy’ is the most powerful and percise song on this great work, feeling like a refreshing requiem to our oh so tiring existence. The end is near, my friends. The end is near, and this music is more than a fine choice to dress this closure with. This is beautiful."

(CMP 29) Testphasen negativ - The Final Hours (2013)
Sisters & Brothers, the time has come!
 The brand new concept album by "Testphasen negativ", entitled "The Final Hours" is out now.
 The album comes out exactly one year after the early death of TN's member, Jarosch von der Grünen Alm,
 who is still a member of the band! (listen and you may understand)

 EXTREMELY lmiited CD edition in a very exckusive,
 high quality, oversized 6 panel cover plus 4 additional photographs taken by Mr. Rabendorn, 
who also signed all of these limited versions!
 The price for this release is a bit higher, but it was expensive to do and it is worth every cent.
CD available in our Shop. A few also available at our soul-sister-label Against it Records 
and our friends at Global Hideout are also offering a handful of copies.

 Also available the digital version on ALL platforms like 
iTunes, Amazon (all countries, search for yours) Spotify, Bandcamp etc pp. Keep your eyes open!
streaming on Spotify etc pp.


Black Hole Raven's first EP "First Flames", out now for free Download.
This is direty, edgy Rock'n' can't get much better
Download here:
Please download for free 
or donate a few dents HERE

 Testphasen negativ - Perspectives (E.P.) (2013)
 It's been a long time since the last TN output, but now the first sign of life in years.

 "Perspectives"  contains two songs from the upcoming album "The Final Hours" (October 2013)
 and also unreleased material, only available on this EP.
 It's a very moody dark organic experimental ambient EP. We hope you will be happy with it.
 The complete artwork is included in full resolution.

 Pictures, artwork, production and mastering by Mr. Rabendorn

"This is a present to all fans and supporters to celebrate the 6. of July (Birthday of the dead Testphasen negativ member) 
 and it has also been released to say "sorry", because of the postponed and long awaited next album.
 The album WILL definitely be released this year in October.
Thanks friends...Testphasen negativ"

 like a moth | zeitloch | the ghost in the organic machine | asylantis | fearless

Release date: 6.July 2013
Running Time: 22 Minutes / 5tracks
Download for FREE HERE 

Download instruction:
 1) click "buy now" (name your price)
 2) enter "0", then the "free" download button appears
 3) download
 ...simple as that!!!
 Alternatively you can donate here or on Bandcamp, but this is definitely NO must.

Donation via PayPal:


"Exile" the latest album is now available in ALL digital shops,
for example:

Review by German Underground Magazine "kulturterrorismus" for "Exile" can be found here:

I'd like to add the "Fazit/Bottom Line" here, too

RALF RABENDORN Werke besprechen zu dürfen, gehört im Verlauf der vergangenen 10 Jahre betrachtet, zu den Herausforderungen überhaupt, 
wo sich sein neustes Meisterwerk “Exile” nahtlos einreiht, das in meinen Augen wie Ohren sein persönlichstes (wie emotionalstes) Opus (bisher) darstellt –
 meine absolute (Kauf-) Empfehlung! 
PS: Falls Sie “Exile” von RALF RABENDORN nicht verstehen, gehören Sie zur mitlaufenden Masse in Deutschland! (KulturTerrorismus)

Here a few songs from the Global Hideout Bandcamp page (where you can buy the digital download version and the CD)


Ralf Rabendorn - ExileNew CD out on December the 20th 2012 (!)
Released by Against it Records, ContraMusikProduktion and Global Hideout

You can order directly here:
Global Hideout:
Immediate Digital Download (with CD option)

Against it Records



Ralf Rabendorn - AschenfluchtNew CD out on June 15th on Against it Records
ONLY 7€, shipping included!!!

CD Version:  BUY HERE directly from Against it Records
Digital download (all formats) HERE at Bandcamp (PayPal, Credit Cards etc)

Exclusive track for "Noises for Japan" (benefit sampler)

Lunalilith - Walls vs. Love
For people who like melodic post rock, so called heavenly voices, alternative.
Feat. Irina on Vocals. Pics by R. Rabendorn and Iri Li. Produced & mastered by Ralf Rabendorn.
Well, you know these guys....
Comes in a really nice, professional 6 panel digipack..

Available here: 
Against it Records 

-->Review (Ger. No Easy Listening)
-->Review (Eng. CINYF)  

Infinitus Ensemble - Na, Poleon?
Finally out on Against it Records. We have started to work on this album already in 2005!
CD version available HERE at Against it Records
Download version HERE at Bandcamp  

Solo CD  "Ralf Rabendorn - Fragments of Life" out on Against it Records.
Available HERE
I am now mastering CD's, songs, EP's for a very good price outside of the labels I'm involved in.
If you want me to master your music, check out this page and contact me.

I  am designing the majority of covers (also taking the pictures) for Against it Records.
I am also mastering many of the releases.
Check out the CD's HERE

Juni/July 2009
Rita Galetti / Iri Li & Testphasen negativ / Infinitus Ensemble

Infinitus Ensemble - Scherbenschlaf (Sleep of Shards)
New album our now on Frequent Sea Records (Canada)
All pictures by Iri Li! Produced by Iri Li & Ralf Rabendorn. IE@MySpace
Available here: Frequent Sea Records | ContraMusikProduktion
Download Version HERE

Iri Li & Testphasen negativ - DaemoniumMini concept album out now on GiN Label (China)
Photogrpahy, design & sound production by Ralf Rabendorn.  Iri Li@MySpace
Available here: GiN-Label | ContraMusikProduktion

Rita Galetti - Falter
Excellent debut album by Canadian female sound artist Rita Galetti.
 Photography & design by Ralf Rabendorn
Available here: ContraMusikProduktion

The Infrared Experience - White
From melodic guitar ambient to experimental sound textures. Guitar ONLY!
Photography & design by Ralf Rabendorn. TIE @ MySpace
Available here: ContraMusikProduktion

May 2009
Testphasen negativ/ Iri Li/ Infinitus Ensemble
*Good news for friends of Testphasen negativ AND Iri Li. The chinese GiN-Label is going to release a strictly
limited CD of the collaboration album, entitled "Daemonium" this summer. A very dark,  gloomy and mysterious concept mini album.

* Yes, Infinitus Ensemble is celebrating 10th anniversary this year. 
A new full lenght album will be released this summer on the canadian label "Frequent Sea Records" in a limited edition of  100 copies.
This album has less words and more experimental ambient influences. Of course this is not going to be a typical ambient album.

16. April 2009
Testphasen negativ

Testphasen negativ - Burn, Giant, Burn!
Strictly limited collectors edition out now. 
3x foldable cover, prof. printed on both sides on special linen cardboard. 
Photogrpahy, design & sound production by Ralf Rabendorn.
This version is only available on 

Iri Li/ Testphasen negativ/ R.J. Schrey/ Rabendorn

R.J. Schrey - The Riddle of Freedom
Concept mini album on GiN-Label. Experimental avant-noise-ambient??!!
 Photogrpahy & design by Ralf Rabendorn.
Available here: GiN-Label | ContraMusikProduktion

Broken Summer Front Cover

Iri Li - Broken Summer
*Iri Li's (Infinitus Ensemble) debut album "Broken Summer" released by ContraMusikProduktion in late December.
The extraordinary MEDUSADA album comes in a great looking digipack. 
Front pic, design & production by Ralf Rabendorn. All other pictures taken by Iri Li
Available here: ContraMusikProduktion

 "RJ Schrey - The 7 Hidden Chapters"
Photogrpahy, design & sound production by Ralf Rabendorn.  RJ Schrey @ MySpace
Available here: ContraMusikProduktion

August-Oktober 2008
Testphasen negativ/ Ralf Rabendorn / Iri Li/ ContraMusikProduktion 

**R. Rabendorn is recording new material as Testphasen negativ with experimental female musician Iri Li.
The mini album "Daemonium (the voice within)" will be released 2008/2009.
Sound samples can be heard on Iri Li's MySpace artist page.

**R. Rabendorn is producing the solo debut full lenght album of Iri Li. 
The music of the album will include such genres like : Avantgarde/ Concrète/ Experimental/ Ambient/ Field Rec./ Sound Manipulations and more.
This album will be released through ContraMusikProduktion in  late Autumn/Winter 2008.

**ContraMusikProduktion has released the brilliant albums of "Dead Industrie"(Dark Ambient/ Soundtrack)(Design & stuff by me)
 and "No Context"(Experminetal/ Electronic Avantgarde/ Micro Sounds etc)(Artwork by Rabendorn).

 September 2008
Testphasen negativ & Dead Industrie

A Testphasen negativ collaboration song with Dead Industrie can be heard on the album "Distant Whispers",
which is the debut album of "Dead Industrie". Released by ContraMusikProduktion.

December, 7. 2007
Testphasen negativ 

Testphasen negativ - How I Won the War (Wie ich den Krieg gewann)
Official release date: 07. January 2008

"How I won the War(wie ich den Krieg gewann)" can be ordered now.
CD packaged in an 3x  A5 foldable sleeve, pressed CD, great artwork
ca. 60 min. of experimental alternative dark ambient music.
Released on the english label "Sérpéné Héli Music"
Sérpéné Héli Music presents:
Testphasen negativ’s debut out now
"The SHM collective is proud and excited
to announce that Testphasen negativ's debut album, 
"How I Won the War", is out now.
For samples on Ralf Rabendorn's experimental ambient material
visit the project's homepage or MySpace account.

The album itself is a journey through the remnants
of a post-apocalyptic world;
an ode to a dying world
through the use of ambient, post-rock
and with hints of power electronics.
This is a must for all experimental ambient fans."
BUY HERE (CMP Store) (PayPal)

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