Donnerstag, 6. Oktober 2016

NEWS (2 new solo albums and work with/for others)

Currently working on a new solo album
 (partly feat. Meike Degand on Theremin and additional sounds)This album should come out Winter 2017 on CD/Download worldwide

Also working on a free "Piano" album, which obviously features Piano pieces (mostly contemporary influenced). A few, but not many, pieces will also fet. other instruments and voices here and there.
This album will be for free and it will be available as a download on bandcamp.
Bandcamp offers FLac as  an option and piano music should be heard in best audio quality.

That's it so far

Ah, and of course I am also producing the albums for "Ralli Rock and the Moan of the Sky" where I am also a part of the band, but this is regular, classic rock music.

AS you know: I am not bound to just one genre.Life's too short for limitations, even if I may live forever.

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