Montag, 3. Dezember 2018

Voluntarily Raped by Streaming Music Services !

What's your value, musician?
Do you really need such companies (like Spotify) as an Underground non commercial, non mainstream artist? Really?
Do you really need some kind of illusion?
Fuck, I feel the need to create some body art in form of some bloody least. "Burn, Giant, Burn" (a nice Testphasen negativ CD title, btw)
I wish, people would get together and stand up against this  capitalistic fuckers. But instead they say "Thank you for raping me and stealing my music and rights", because that's what really happens to you, dear friends.

"Top executives at Spotify make millions while artists endeavor just to earn pennies.
At well over 60 million, Spotify has the highest number of paid subscriptions.  Ahead of its Wall Street offering, the company’s valuation has skyrocketed to $19 billion.  Top executives at Spotify reportedly earn seven-figure salaries.

So, how are artists faring on the platform?  Not so well.

Last year, the service paid out $0.0038 per play.  Not much has changed this year.  With a reported 51.51% market share in the US, Spotify pays $0.00397 per stream."

Reference and more:
read here 

>>>The truth:
Additionally to my last post, here is the truth:
iTunes Europe, payment for ONE stream:
tada: $0.00074742
Slavery 2.0

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